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Welcome to Star Struck Ballroom!

Star Struck Lift Team

The Star Struck Lift Team is a Youth Cabaret Team that focuses on movement in ballroom dance combined with simple and complex lifts involving a base (lifter) and a flyer (liftee.)

The class meets Mondays 6-7 pm.

Our focus is safety driven that allows students to engage in proper lift technique that builds confidence.

Coached by Brendan and Savannah, dancers will learn fun exciting new lifts in solo and team formation routines.

The class focuses on ballroom dance styles Ballroom, Latin, Rhythm, and Smooth.

High school ages 15-18.

We welcome lifters, flyers with beginning, intermediate, and advanced experience.

Star Struck Lift Class:
Mondays 6-7 pm (intermediate-advanced)
Lift Class only– $45 per month 
Lift Class+Performance+Formation Lift Team- $55 per month
Team hoody- $35 (optional)
Costume fee- $65 (Performance+Formation Team only)
Makeup and Competition Kit- $70
Shoes- $35
Winter Performance- Included in tuition
Competitions: We will enter 2-3 Formation Competition between January-April of 2024.
Competition fees range from $15-$30 per event (includes entrance ticket, routine entry fee)

The Starlettes - All Girls Team

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